I know these led headlights seem very confusing,its hard to know exactly which ones you need, well I am going to break it down and make it easy for you.

We sell 3 different types of LED Headlights.

1. Osram Led Headlight.             Release 2015.      

2. Phillips Diamond Collection.   Release. 2016

3.Philips Titanium Collection.      Release 2018

Now all these lights are good, there are price differences, the reason why is because they are simply upgraded technology and newer models ,Each one was released in different years and have had slight upgrades over the years, simply just newer models.

As the big brand cars are always developing the led headlights needed to change to suit these needs.

I would recommend this

Cars made before 2007 most of the time the Osram headlight collection is all you will need.

Cars Made between 2005-2015 Philips Diamond collections all you need

More Newer Cars made after 2015 I recommend the Higher end Philips Titanium Collection